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Why Use Herbs? And other FAQ.

An herb is a plant, which contains sufficient vitamins and/or other elements, which can assist the body in the process of healing. Herbs refer to all plants with medicinal properties.

Why Use Herbs?

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, which nourish the diseased part of the body, cleanse it, clear it of toxins, fight infections and perform the healing action in harmony with the body. They are less toxic than drug medications, and leave the body stronger and with a greater ability to resist exacerbation of the same illness.

Are There Side Effects?

Certain herbs can be very strong and cannot be used in excessive amounts or for extended periods of time. Some people may be allergic to certain herbs; therefore, it is best to try small amounts in the beginning. Also children, pregnant women and adults over 65 have special conditions and should be under the advice of a trained healthcare practitioner. Herbs are generally safe and exceptions are exteremely rare. The key to their use is caution and common sense.

Should You Treat Herbs Like Drugs?

Herbs are nutrient foods, not drugs. The possibility of overdosing on drugs in high. The chances of overdosing on herbs are almost nonexistent. Herbs can be mixed with other herbs and, at times, with drugs. The physician prescribing the medication should be aware that the herbs might accelerate the healing process thereby requiring less medication. While drugs are present, however, the natural elements in the herbs have less of a chance of impacting the body. Therefore, two-hour intervals of separation will ensure maximum benefit from both the medication you are taking and from the herb.

How Many Herbs Should Be Taken and For How Long?

This should be prescribed by a healthcare professiona or from your own careful reading and experience, depending on the illness and its severity. The effect of the herbs will differ in accordance with individual lifestyle, self-discipline, eating habits and the individual's overall health constitutional picture.

Should I Quit Using Chemical Drugs While Taking Herbs?

Herbs are safe, but a slow cure. Many people using herbs have gradually decreased their drug dosage and frequency. It is recommended however that you seek a physician's approval and coordination between your natural doctor and your physician prescribing the drug before quitting.


The ultimate responsibility for your cure is you. Educate yourself, obtain professional medical advice and begin to utilize the herbs with caution as if they were food for life given by the Divine Spirit.

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