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Holistic Survival Guide

For the Mind, Body and Spirit

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"A compilation of healing experiences and a comprehensive guide to holistic living as experienced by Dr. Paul Brown Bodhise, a doctor of chiropractic, naturopath, herbalist and deep tissue therapist.


His primary teacher, His Holiness Sheikh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (from Sri Lanka) is the only spiritual saint that is buried in US soil.


This treatise is based on Dr. Bodhise's experiences in holistic practices with thousands of patients, his classes and lectures around the world and his personal spiritual quest. He has created a surivival kit for serious spiritual warriors seeking clarity on the metaphysical principles of higher consciousness in a straightforward manner. The goal is to combine an uplilfiting blend of spirit and science into a unique educational review that can be used as a handbook for those looking towards a holistic lifestyle and spiritual enlightenment. 


This book is written at the request of many of Dr. Bodhise's loyal, long-term patients and students, who believe that they are better as a result of their encounter with him. The manual expresses principles that are universal to all philosophical and religious annals and is written with love, compassion and dedication to the human community, which he humbly serves. All humanity is in need of right-minded leadership for its survival and is dependent on the collective learning of all of its highly evolved spirits."


Sumaya Shakur

Managing Editor

Philadelphia New Observer


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