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Everyone Has a Message For Us

Recognize that it is always a privilege when we meet someone. Your eventual experiences with that person have long been written in the stars. Often, by the time we realize how valuable an encounter has been, it is too late to tell the person how blessed you have been for knowing them.

Everyone that we meet in some way awakens us to our true self, and to our personal weaknesses. We frequently blame them when the weaknesses are exposed. Once we mature in wisdom, we realize that the person played a pivotal role in our newfound friends and abundance.

In fact, with all the encounters, whether for a brief moment or a long enduring relationship, the purpose is always the growth and advancement of both individuals.

Initially, you share certain interests and habits, which made the initial physical attraction that brings you both together.

Now, if you truly want to grow and be on the path to the light, as a Truth seeker, you must ask certain universal questions. For example, "What is the message for me in this relationship?" Don't make the mistake of wasting time by attempting to focus on what the message may be for the other person in the relationship. This could set you off on a wasted journey to change them and not yourself. Their progress is not under your charge. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal this, not you. So stay out of the business of others and tend to your own field.

When tempted to criticize others remember this affirmation:

Let me spend so much time on the improvement of myself that I have no time to criticize others.

Learn to shift your focus and treat every person, including yourself, as a child of God. We are spiritual beings and have come into a close encounter with each other on this planet to learn these laws. The purpose of the encounter is to learn and to assist each other to a higher level of consciousness, a higher spiritual plane and onward to the light.


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